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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Two-Wheeler

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Many bike owners lose all interest in their vehicles after a few years of use. They want the same freshly acquired experience but are unwilling to put in the effort.  Make sure you don't make the same mistake. You could have that smooth riding experience on a regular basis with a little care and maintenance. It not only improves day-to-day riding but also extends the life of your motorcycle.

So, what can you do to ensure that your motorcycle keeps performing at its peak and lasts far longer than you expected? Follow the tips below.

1. Service Your Bike Regularly

Regular maintenance will ensure that the bike performs to its maximum potential, just as regular exercise keeps the human body in great shape. The age and usage of the bike dictate the frequency of service. Seek the advice of a competent professional technician and keep the following in mind while getting your bike serviced:

  • Change engine oil regularly
  • Maintain chain lubrication
  • Apply anti-rust coat when needed
  • Check brakes, tires, indicator, headlights, and wiring
  • Use only reliable products for repairing

2. Avoid Rash Riding 

Some people have a tendency to drive recklessly. It is harmful not only for the rider but also for the efficiency of the bike. A frequent imbalance between gear and speed can be dangerous since it puts extra strain on the engine. You must ride your motorcycle smoothly while pressing the clutch and shifting gears.

3. Keep Your Bike Clean 

Your motorcycle's hygiene is just as important as yours, irrespective of the pandemic. You should be aware that a filthy bike is more prone to particular bike-related problems. Sometimes, dirt can obstruct engine operation and detract from its appearance. Hence, use soapy water and a towel to clean your bike on a regular basis.

4. Manage Workload

It's unrealistic to expect the bike to last a long time if it's being pushed to its limits. Increasing the burden on a machine reduces its performance. If you ride your bike 50 kilometers every day and go on long-distance road trips on a regular basis, your bike is sure to break down at some point. The workload of the bike must be maintained. A higher workload entails higher maintenance costs for the bike.

5. Replace Air Filter Regularly

The air filter is necessary for your motorcycle's engine to run smoothly. If you keep riding with a clogged filter, dirty air might enter the engine and cause damage. A blocked filter prevents the correct mixture of fuel and air from forming. Remove and clean the filter on a regular basis to keep it from becoming blocked. You may find out how often you should clean and change your air filter at any two-wheeler service center in Ahmedabad


Being proactive in your bike's maintenance is the key to extending its life. Maintain it by getting it serviced on a regular basis, keeping it clean, avoiding rough riding, and not overworking it. You may look for a bike service near me or visit https://www.goserve.co.in/ to get your bike serviced by the top multi-brand two-wheeler service Ahmedabad. For more information, you may call us on 6356 886 886

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