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Easy Two-Wheeler Maintenance Tips and Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

Two Wheeler Service Maintenance Tips
Two-wheeler is a handy vehicle to own. Owners of two-wheelers can beat the traffic easily and even cross the narrow roads effortlessly. While this piece of vehicle makes life so easy, it deserves due maintenance and care.
If you know some quick and basic two-wheeler maintenance tips then you can save some money, time, and effort for sure. In this post, we will talk about some expert two-wheeler maintenance tips that can be proved lifesaving. So, scroll down to know them.
Before you do that, let us tell you that these tips will keep tons of hassles at bay. And, for the rest of the bike-related hassles, you need to bank upon a reliable two-wheeler maintenance service provider. If you are looking for one in your town, GoServe.in is the most reliable option. They are qualified, seasoned, and highly skilled. So, contact them next time your bike or scooter needs maintenance.

1. Keep track of the engine oil

Engine oil is the life of your two-wheeler and keeps it in good health. Keeping a check on its presence and quality can prevent any serious hassle in the future. On the display of the two-wheeler, a small section on the engine shows the level of engine oil present in the two-wheeler. You must keep a check on the presence of engine oil in your two-wheeler.
Make sure that it never reaches below the “refill” mark.  Also, it is wise to change the engine oil as per the instruction manual. If you don’t have it then don’t worry, you also can measure it with the dipstick which is in the cap itself, if you still can’t, we will tell you. Ideally, you must change the engine oil after every 2,000 to 3,000 km. Once you do this, your two-wheeler will be in pink health for sure. 

2. Keep an eye on the tyre pressure  

If you want to avoid any tyre bursting and speed issues then make sure your vehicle’s tyres have good air pressure. The presence of inadequate air pressure increases the probability of tyre wear and tear by two-folds. Also, your tyre life will reduce. So, make sure that you are keeping an eye on the tyre pressure once or twice a month or on every petrol refill. 

3. Make proper use of the clutch 

While a two-wheeler is on the road, the clutch is the most used part as it is used to change the gears. A rider has to keep a hand on the clutch to change the speed instantly. If you are habitual of keeping the clutch half-pressed during rides, stop doing it. This could severely damage the clutch plate. 
When a clutch plate is damaged, it demands replacement before its normal replacement period.  Also, make sure that you are not using the clutch too often or unnecessarily. Doing so will hurt the fuel economy of the two-wheeler which will only add-on your maintenance cost. 

4. Clean the air filters regularly 

Cleaning air filters is a lifesaving two-wheeler maintenance tip. Pollution is not only bad for humans but also for automobiles. 
The pollution and dust present in the air can create a blockage in the bike filters. This can cause endless troubles while starting your bike or scooter. In fact, this trouble can force a bike to stop in the middle of nowhere. So, make sure that you are cleaning the air filters regularly. At least, once in a month is a wise move. 

5. Check the health of the brakes 

It is impossible not to discuss brakes while we are talking about two-wheeler’s maintenance. You need to make sure that your two-wheeler brakes are neither too tight nor too loose. This situation can be proved very dangerous. You should check brakes’ health regularly and adjust them as your driving style. Do not keep the pedal pressed while riding. Most important, always press both the brakes at the same time.   
Anytime you hear any screeching sound from your brakes, take immediate action and get them replaced. This sound is the indication of less brake oil and poor brake pad health.  

Wrapping up 

Your two-wheeler is your best buddy and it deserves a little bit of care and maintenance. Always read and follow the service manual and get the service done regularly. So, don’t ignore it and try these expert tips to maintain its pink health. 
For any other help, you have GoServe.in by your side.

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