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How to Open a Bike Service Center? A Complete Guide!

Do you want to start a bike repair shop in your neighborhood? Would you like to open your own motorcycle service center? If yes, this post will provide you with valuable information on dealership costs, motorcycle service center franchise openings, and business models. Keep reading! 
As we know, for young entrepreneurs, starting a successful bike service center is a lucrative business opportunity as the number of bikes increases. There are many popular motorcycle servicing dealers, not just in metro cities but even in rural areas. And it's undeniably motivating. 
However, in this industry, selecting the best brand and regional campaigns is critical. And, with the right business plan, you will make a lot of money in this industry. So, let’s understand each requirement one by one. 

A Guide To Start a Two-Wheeler Service Center

Follow these simple steps to successfully start your bike service center.  

1. Realize Capital Investment

This may be the first question to which you need an answer. In general, starting a company of this kind doesn’t require a significant financial investment. To begin, you'll need to: 
  • Reserve a space in a prime location 
  • Arrange the inventory
  • Cover the costs of electricity and staffing 
Roughly stating, you'll need only  10 – 12 lacs, depending on the business model and location, and a team of 6 to 8 people. That’s all!

2. Select Bike Servicing Business Model 

In general, there are two traditional business models for opening a bike servicing center in our region. A franchise is the first choice. For this model, you'll need a significant amount of money and a lot of space. You'll need to set up a center to fix and maintain two-wheeler bikes.     
ASSC is the second choice (Authorized Sales & Service Center). But, based on your financial capacity and available space, you should choose the franchise model if you just want to open a service center. 

3. Franchise Registration

When you're satisfied with the costs and select a franchise option, you'll need to register for a bike servicing dealership franchise on the official website of the brand you choose to work with. So, here’s what you can do;
  • Open the website of the brand you want to open the service center
  • Open the Franchise apply page
  • Put your details like Name, Email, Contact Number, Location, etc
  • You will receive a reply within 24 hours      

4. Prepare Business Plan

The motorcycle servicing dealership business is a well-organized market, therefore the most crucial step is to develop a marketing strategy. This type of market requires extensive marketing and brand recognition. Aside from the initial discount, there are a variety of other plans and incentives to consider.  

5. Select a Location

The location is one of the most important aspects in running a profitable company, and a bike servicing center business is no exception. You will need;
  • The policy desk
  • Service counter
  • Accessories counter
If you choose Go Serve as your franchise partner, our team specialist will assist you in selecting a location where you can achieve a great business result. 

6. Business Registration & Licensing

You must register your bike service center, just like any other company. Once you've licensed your bike servicing center, you'll need to open one account and file for a GSTIN in order to pay your business's taxes.

7. Business Promotion

You must have a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Aside from local newspaper advertisements, you might include local television advertising. Another excellent suggestion is to distribute leaflets in the communal huts. 
However, Go Serve consists of many more business promotion strategies, so if you are interested to start your own bike service center, call us on 6356 889 889 or just write to us at franchise@goserve.in. Our Go Serve team will get back to you within 24 hours with the best possible services.  
Go Serve Franchise Support includes;
  • Site Selection
  • Workshop Development 
  • Advertisement Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Marketing Support
  • Training to Staff     
Already excited to own a franchise? Contact us now! We are open and happy to help you. For more queries, you can also reach out to us at support@goserve.in

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