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How to Keep Your Bike Safe During the Rainy Season

keep your bike safe

Riding in the rain is a thrilling experience. However, your bike will need some extra maintenance during the monsoon. Since roads are slippery, one must pay extra attention to their motorcycle’s smooth operation. Along with understanding the correct riding technique, you should know what to look for before you begin a ride. So, let’s talk about some tips.

Regularly Clean and Lubricate the Bike Chain

Bike chains are the cornerstone of every bicycle and should be in good working condition. Regularly cleaning them will ensure that the bike runs smoothly and without issues. Dirt and other particles become stuck to the chains during the monsoons, stopping them from moving and causing traffic accidents. Therefore, cleaning the chain and adding the appropriate quantity of lubricant is something you must do. Lubrication will aid in the smooth movement of the chain, which will have a direct impact on the bike’s performance.

Park under a Shed or Cover Your Bike

As opposed to four-wheelers, two-wheelers are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Firstly, no one likes to sit on a wet seat. Also, when you do not ride the bike, water is deposited in different parts. It can lead to long-term issues such as rusting and electric problems. As a result, keep your bike covered at all times or park it under a shed. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid parking your bike underneath a tree during wet weather, since a branch can fall and damage the bike.

Get Teflon Coating and Anti-rust Protection Layer

Although most bikes today feature fiber bodies, classic motorcycles like Royal Enfields and some scooters still feature metal bodies. So, if you want to prevent the panels from rusting, it’s better to apply Teflon coating to them. Moreover, every bike has a metal mainframe that can also be protected by applying an anti-rust layer in order to maintain its strength for a longer period of time.

Get the Tires Checked

If you want your brakes checked just before the monsoon arrives, take your bike to a reputable service center. During the rain, brakes tend to rust and become less responsive. The combination of slippery roads and bad weather is a disaster waiting to happen. You can verify the depth of your bike’s tires by inserting a coin into the grooves. To achieve a good grip on a wet road, the tread depth should be more than two mm. In order to provide more grip, tire pressure is also important. However, to ensure safety, get your brakes checked, cleaned, and aligned by a professional. 

Ensure a Full Servicing

For optimal two-wheeler maintenance, a comprehensive bike service is advised. This includes an engine oil and brake oil change, as well as a check for damaged or leaking headlights and taillights. Before the monsoon arrives, clean and lubricate your chain.

It’s also a good time to think about your personal safety during the rainy season, along with your bike. Helmets are essential at all times, but monsoon needs extra attention. Wear protective gear whenever you ride your bike. Riding in the rain necessitates the use of helmets, knee pads, and raincoats.

What’s more, if you need to service your two-wheeler, it’s a good idea to do it before the monsoon strikes, so you can always have a safe ride. Go Serve offers attractive deals and customizable services. Call us at 6356 886 886 and in the meantime, follow these tips for effective bike maintenance during the rainy season.

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